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What to check before coming to Botswana:
- if you travel from certain areas in Africa, you must have inoculation certificate for yellow fiver
- tourists from some countries require pre-arranged visa
- some tourists require a transit visa at the airport in Johannesburg

Botswana is a malaria area - take the necessary precautions.

Botswana can be very hot and dry, but it can be also very cold (freezing) during the night in winter (June-August).

The UV radiation is very high - take skin screens, eye glasses, protective clothing.

- take enough memory cards for your photos
- remember to take enough batteries or chargers for your equipment - there will be a charging possibility, even on mobile safari.
- safari can be a dusty affair - make arrangements to protect and to clean your gear.
- take you long lenses for wildlife

Take binoculars.

Leave at home:
- your problems
- your internet, e-mail, social networks, radio, TV, players...